Te Puni Kokiri - Economic Development/Business Consultancy

As part of its goals for the development of Māori interests, the Business Facilitation Service (or Te Ratonga Awhinea Pakihi) of TPK provides services to Māori entrepreneurs including mentoring, coaching, monitoring progress, networking and opportunity assessment.

The Challenge

Te Puni Kokiri (TPK) sought an improved system to measure the impact of their services on Maori businesses. It was also important to ensure a consistent approach to assessment of new potential businesses.

How QLBS Helped

QLBS software was deployed among TPK offices around the country, together with custom-designed question sets/best practice models, so that consultants had a standardised assessment system that could capture “before” and “after” profiling among individual businesses and as a group.


Ten account managers were trained and to date have completed well over 1,500 assessments.

TPK account managers now have a uniform way to assess their businesses and a much clearer picture of their client base has been formed which has enabled them to customize their mentoring to the businesses. Account managers found using the software highly productive and a great compliment to their own consulting styles. Feedback from the businesses doing the assessments has been very positive. In addition to the account managers, TPK has offered some shorter versions of the question sets as online self-assessments which generate automatic feedback reports. TPK who also get a copy of all reports can then offer further assistance to organisations where necessary, or in areas deemed a priority.

Regular summary analyses and reports combining information from both account managers and self-assessments, have been submitted to government ministers, to impart market knowledge and substantiate funding decisions.

Te Puni Kokiri Marae - Not For Profit

TPK was so impressed with results that they expanded the use of the assessment platform into a second department of their organization, namely TPK - Marae. Marae are sacred places which serve both religious and social purposes and they fall under the TPK umbrella of responsibility. A customized assessment measuring essential information about cultural and physical facilities in the Marae was developed and has been deployed nationally to over 500 Marae since 2009. In addition to collecting information about the physical and cultural sustainability of the Marae and its people, the results of the Marae Development Project informed Marae communities, as well as government agencies, about development opportunities, resources and programmes. Using QLBS helped ensure that data gathering was uniform and feedback reports to individual marae was quick and economical through the productivity gains of the automated reporting capability.

Te Puni Kokiri is the New Zealand Ministry of Maori Development. Its broad goals are to:

  • To promote increases in levels of achievement attained by Māori with respect to education, training and employment, health and economic resource development
  • To monitor and liaise with each department and agency that provides, or has a responsibility to provide, services to or for Māori, for the purpose of ensuring the adequacy of those services.




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